Our technologies

A genuine system approach to ensure the harmony of all the last generation technological bricks.

An innovative battery

A battery is required to store solar energy during the day and to give back during the night. In all autonomous systems, energy storage is critical. Most systems use a lead-acid battery that has a very short lifespan, because they are very sensitive to heat. After a two year study with the French reference laboratory, the CEA-INES, Sunna has chosen to use an innovative technology: NiMH batteries that stands for Nickel metal-hydrides.

Long term energy storage challenges for solar lighting applications in desert environments:

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Benefits of NiMH technology

Heat resistant from -20°c to 70°c

10 years maintenance free

Not dangerous

Reliability provided by NiMH batteries prevents the additional maintenance costs required with lead-acid batteries (replacement every 2 to 4 years). This ensures an effective control on the TCO, known since the purchase of the solar street light. Finally, these small batteries are integrated inside the head and placed at the top of the mast, which significantly simplifies the installation: no battery has to be buried in the ground, nor cases to attach apart, nor electrical connection to make through the mast. This also limits vandalism, since especially designed to be less easily attainable.

An intelligent electronic

Energy management system

Because it is unthinkable for public lighting to shut down during the night, our service is guaranteed all night long and every night, without interruption. Sunna has designed an intelligent electronic system capable of dynamic self-managing in all situations. Fully programmable, it optimizes the power consumption and is capable of effectively lighting when needed the most, without risking a complete draining of the battery, even after long periods without sunlight.

Smart City Catalyst

This electronic system also boards intelligence dedicated to the acquisition and processing of external and internal data. It assimilates information about the status of the streetlight, and its surrounding environment, then transfers it through its various connectivity feature (Bluetooth and GSM). Thanks to those functionalities and our monitoring platform, you will be able to monitor, control, maintain and measure the performance of your park of street lights.

An efficient Lighting

The LED engine

One of the cornerstone component of our energy efficiency. With the latest LED and a Corlight(r), optical, one of the most advanced of the market, we guarantee an output twice as efficient as standard street lighting (165 lumens/Watt for 80-90 lumens/W on sodium lighting) for a lighting power in line with the requirements of the European road standards.

Our lighting expertise

As an expert of public street lighting, we run photometric studies for the project we are involved in, to offer the best technical solution. This means providing an adequate light output and and excellent lighting uniformity. Our solar solutions ensure a quality lighting in accordance with the requirements of European standard (EN 13201) regulating public street lighting.