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Reliable and efficient solar technologies for all public lighting applications

With a large range of solutions, Sunna has a solution for every autonomous solar lighting demand. From the plug&play setup of those affordable and all-in-one solutions, to an elaborate design emphasizing an ecological urban design, Sunna Design, through its R&D and Design departments, is able to offer you the technology that matches both your budget and your lighting requirements. With Sunna, brighten the field of possibilities!

Access to energy

iSSL Maxi Area

The Maxi Area, with its wide and powerful lighting, can maintain, after sunset, economical activities in broad places like outdoor markets. Extremely heat resistant, it can be installed durably under any latitude, without any technical maintenance for 10 years.

Durable - No electricity bill - Heat resistant

iSSL Maxi Road

The Maxi Road can illuminate precise areas in a powerful and totally autonomous way, which is particularly suitable for sporting activities in the city outskirts or off-grid villages.

Vandalism-proof - 10 years maintenance free


The iSSL+ is the ideal solution to offer a simple and low-priced access to energy for villages that would probably never be connected to the grid. The iSSL+ is particularly adapted thanks to its plug-and-play design : it is anti-vandalism and no special skills are required for its installation.

No electricity bill - Plug & play - Vandalism-proof

iSSL Maxi Road

Where the grid is weak, and there is a need for powerful road lighting, the iSSL Maxi Road has been specifically designed to light-up broad arteries. Extremely heat resistant, it ensures reliability all night long, every single night, for at least 10 years, without any technical maintenance.

Powerful - Specifically designed optical lenses


Lighting is a major security issue in refugee camps. Violence, especially gender based, drops when the access to sanitary and cooking facilities is enlightened at night. The iSSL+, extremely compact, can be deployed quickly, at contained costs, in camps with no/weak electricity grid.

Easy and fast to install - Heat resistant - Vandalism-proof

Smart Cities


Reliable lighting is essential to guarantee the security of fenced areas. The iSSL+, with the motion sensor option, can signal any intrusion by over-lighting the area.

Motion sensor in option - Reliable / No black-out

iSSL Maxi Area

The Maxi Area can enlighten a very broad area : the highly-precise direction of light with the lowest degree of wastage allows comfortable lighting while reducing the number of lamps required for parking lot facilities.

Wide area lighting - No connection to the grid


The design of the Totem has been specifically thought to fit in and enhance architectural projects or modern districts, even in particularly hot countries. It is environment friendly, easy to install, and can durably cut energy bills.

Cut energy bills - Environment-friendly - Aesthetic design


The UP4 is Sunna's most powerful streetlight, in compliance with road standards. It can easily light up risk areas like intersections, access lanes, pedestrian crossings, etc. Tropicalized and extremely heat-resistant, it is particularly suited for off-grid and desert areas.

No connection to the grid - 10 years maintenance free


Allowing social and economical activities to carry on after sunset ensures the community life of a neighborhood. Thanks to Sunna's smart energy management system, the lighting level adapts itself to the needs and habits of each district, to provide a particularly powerful lighting for important moments of the night.

No electricity bill - Using existing mast -10 years maintenance free


The UP1 allows a bicycle lane to be enlightened without roadwork or connection to the grid. The compact and plug-and-play design offers a fast and easy installation, requiring no lifting gear, and enables cost controlled lighting.

Environment-friendly - Easy to install everywhere

iSSL Maxi Area

In industries and their base-camps, especially settled in remote areas away from urban centers, it is important to ensure security on the installations, on pathways and make day-to-day life more comfortable for workers. Stand-alone streetlights give you this daylight feel, in a quieter, more affordable, and more secure way than generators.

Self-sufficient - Cuts the energy bill - Secures vital areas

Our tailor made projects

Our expertise in design, in integrating technological innovations, and our onsite production in Bordeaux allows us to imagine custom products with challenging specifications while being highly responsive to produce them.

Through this expertise, Sunna was able to carry out large-scale projects in collaboration with renowned architects.