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Our story

Is it still a startup? Created in 2010, the company, which designs and manufactures in Bordeaux innovative solar street lights, has now installed over eight thousand solutions in over twenty countries.

Its founder, Thomas Samuel, a young engineer back then, was dedicated to reach his goal of providing a reliable and sustainable off-grid public lighting solution, yet affordable for all, even in rural areas in emerging countries. Five years later, the company has received 8 international awards (MIT, Ernst & Young, La Tribune ..) raised funds to $ 6, 6 million euros, teamed up with prestigious partners such as the reference lab CEA, Saft, Schneider Electric, Thorn, filed 14 patents for breakthrough innovations, and thus took a reference position in the solar street light market.

And yet ... We have never been this close to the startup spirit. We must constantly reinvent ourselves to hope to make a difference. The task is gigantic: electrifying people without access to energy, imagining the future of smart cities, finding business models as innovative as our technology, transferring expertise to create jobs here and there. So today, over 40 dedicated collaborators is not too many to maintain our leadership and keep finding find the best solutions to suit your needs. Let’s shed a new light on our lives.

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International leader in grid connected public lighting, Thorn Lighting (Zumtobel Group) chose Sunna Design for reliability and innovation to create a range of product that brings together the expertise of Sunna's solar engines and the performance and diversity of Thorn's LED lantern.
These new autonomous solar solutions can meet the most varied architectural requirements while enjoying the last Sunna Design technologies.

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For the widely known world leader of electrical equipment, Sunna Design innovative solutions were complementary to a range of products specifically designed for off-grid populations, which also includes small individual lighting equipment. With Sunna's street lights, Schneider can distribute confidently, in many countries worldwide, a reliable and sustainable public lighting solution of which the quality is equivalent to the image of the famous company.

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