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Road development

Case Study

The context :
Road developments is the main application of public lighting. It is also the most regulated for the safety of road users. European standards (EN13201) define the minimum luminance and other requirements to maintain adequate visual acuity in different traffic conditions.

For isolated roads, it is very expensive to be connected to the grid, particularly for those crossing large desert areas. Maintenance is also very problematic as hundreds of kilometers must sometimes be travelled for simple interventions.

Our solution :
The UP4 is the most powerful street light of our range, and meets perfectly road standards, especially to illuminate high dander areas, access roads, pedestrian crossings ...

Thanks to technological innovations (10 patents pending) and particularly our Nickel based battery, this solar street light is tropicalized thus extremely resistant to heat. With its oriented solar panel, it can be adapted to all projects around the world.

The impact :
Self-sufficient and easily installed, this solar street light allows an unmatched deployment speed. Considerable savings are realized thanks to the absence of connection to the grid, of technical maintenance for 10 years and of course thanks to the absence of electricity bill.


No connection to the grid

Minimum 10 years maintenance free

Tropicalized and extremely resistant to heat : -20°c to 70°c

Meets EN 13201 road standards

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